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What is “Human Design”?


Human Design

Understanding Human Design gives you incredible comprehension of others and yourself. Human Design is the most recent self understanding technologies of our time. The mixture of these various types of learning that don’t appear to identify with one another, make up an extremely complex framework that distinguish any objective personality called Human Design.


Through knowing and experience, you start to see clearly what is real about you and what is not you. Human design enables us to really see a person’s foundational makeup and how we optimally operate. Moreover, when we can see a person’s design in real life, we don’t think about things literally anymore. We comprehend the genuine elements of who the other is, who we are and how we affect one another – it opens a door of understanding that has not previously existed.

Human Design Types

Human Design groups human beings into one of 4 categories called Types: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Every type has a different strategy to assist or help them cultivate or develop practices that affirm their unique gifts and improve healthy decision making skills. It focuses more fully on how the types collaborate with one another and explores how understanding their distinctive roles can help them live healthier and happier lives.


Human Design can distinguish where we can center in our bodies to join with our inward truth, how our diverse vitality focuses are working, how they are joined and what issues or topics we are tackling in our lifetime. Moreover, we can take a glance at our unfamiliar side and see topics of restoration and change. We can likewise take a glance at the conscious side of our design and recognize what conscious understandings we have made to work with in this lifetime. When we take in our own design, it can then be an effective mechanism to comprehend the individuals around us and the impact we have on one another. This can be particularly useful for families finding out about how best to aid their youngsters and cultivate compatible and enjoyable connections.

Social Interaction

When you start seeing from this point of view, your social interaction turns out to be not so much judgmental but rather more tolerating of others interesting unique design and method of being. Thus, after that, you begin to be amused at the inconsistency of everything and exactly how one of a kind we genuinely are.


A Human Design consultation will recognize the specific and extraordinary elements of your own vitality and approach to make progress. It is additionally an intense mechanism in looking at sentimental, business, fellowship or family connections and can shed a splendid light on both veiled issues and possibilities. In addition it can give some insight and clarity to current issues and learning methods as we proceed through life.


Human Design shows to us how to make the choices that are most beneficial for us specifically. The majority of us are not supposed to act suddenly but to respond to an affectation, a solicitation or even a formal welcome before getting into an activity, venture or a relationship. We, in this way, keep away from troubles, impediments, disappointments, bitterness, outrage or apparently unavoidable elements of our everyday life and life becomes the enjoyable please it was always meant to be..

We Have Found The Perfect Coffee Machine for Home

The Best Espresso Coffee Needs the Best Espresso Coffee Machine

Stumbling around the internet as you do, I found a most unusual stove top coffee maker for home. It was like love at first site and I hadnt even had a coffee from it yet. What struck me was the pure elegance in design – I am sure you will agreee. AND now I know that I made the best decision I could have made buying my beautiful LittleGuy espresso machine.

Here is an Elevator Pitch Review of the Little Guy Coffee Machine from NZ

So here you see a speeded up version which really gives you a good idea about how it works.

Once I got my coffee maker home I just could not wait to try it out with my special Columbian high altutude coffee.

It works just like one of those really top notch espresso machines that you see in Starbucks except it makes better coffee. It’s so cute and really simple and I feel like a top barista when I make my first (and second) cup of coffee each day. My partner and I have found a child that does exactly what we ask all the time and is never a bother in any way – it makes perfect coffee.

The Induction Top for the Little Guy Espresso Machine

I nearly forgot. The other really cool accessory that we also decided to get with our package was The Little Guy Induction Top. I have never used an induction top till now and you know they are truely amazing. You can put you hand on the plate and its not hot, but put The Little Guy solid stainless steel on it and it heats the water. It works the same for any steel pot and I like it so mcuh I use this little plate for just about everything in the kitchen.

Induction cook top heater from the little guy


Dome Shell Survival Shelter Using Bamboo Mesh and Render

Australian Company Shows How to Build Dome Shell Structures for Luxury Living and Storm Shelter Using Bamboo Mesh and Render

Dome Shell Structures in Lombok and Byron Bay Built using Bamboo Mesh and Render System

Build domes using bamboo mesh and render

Very Cool Dome and Curved Architecture

A simple and cost effective way to build strong and permanent shell structures as strong as you want it to be simply by applying layers of render. Using only the most basic tools and simple materials to build a luxury adobe home or even a funky underground bunker or storm shelter and everything in between.

“The Bamboo Mesh and Render building system is infinitely creative. It is so flexible in its ability to create form and then turn that form into a shell structure” says Chris Brown the co-author of a very interesting “Bamboo Dome Building” guide.

Bamboo frame of the domeMentigi

Mentigi 17







A Creative, Versatile and Affordable Method of DIY Construction for Dome Shaped Buildings and Shelter

Based near Byron Bay in the eastern tip of Australia, Chris Brown of DomeShells Technology has together with Architect friend Wolfgang Widmoser presently living in Bali, got together to produce a wonderfully graphic guide about how you can go about building a beautiful dome like the ones above.

Domeshells has been building dome homes, cabins and studios in Australia for over 13 years while at the same time developing and refining various ways of constructing light weight composite, compound curved shell structures and sandwich shell structures.

More than seven years of collaborative research and development with Queensland University of Technology led to the development of a patented system for building dome shaped buildings using an air form to contain the form of a laminated composite sandwich shell forming the dome.

Building Domes using Bamboo to Form the Shape of the Structure

Starting from the ground up. A foundation is laid in concrete (using bamboo as reinforcement) and then split bamboo is used to form uprights and lateral hoops which when tied together form the shape of the structure. Over this bamboo frame is fixed several layers of light bird mesh and then it is plastered or rendered with mortar. It is a combination of Bamboo as reinforcement in concrete and ferro cement construction to form a monolithic shell structure.

Anyone Can Learn to Build with this System Because it is So Simple and Affordable

The materials required are cheap. Bamboo poles which you split and treat for bugs, sand and cement and a few rolls of bird mesh. Small concrete mixer for the render and a couple of trowels and away you go.

There is only one way to find out by going here and checking out the DomeShells Web Site for the Bamboo Dome Building Guide!

Good Bookkeeping is a Foundation of a Business

Businesses in City CBD Locations Need to Save Time and Money

You want more time away from your office or to focus on your clients and marketing your services Then outsource the most essential and fundamental day to day bookkeeping.

You may not need a full time bookkeeper or you may need a temporary bookkeeper but whatever it is, having the books in order provides a rock solid peace of mind that you know what you are doing financially in the business.

There are countless small businesses around the CBD that need a city centric CBD Accounting and Bookkeeping Service.

Smaller mobile CBD Accounting Services offer a more flexible, convenient and personal service for small to medium businesses and at considerably cheaper rates than many of the big city accounting firms.

Reclaim your creative time from the mundane and have a professional bookkeeper do the numbers

and get all the pesky stuff like this done:

  • MYOB Set-up and data entry

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Payroll setup/processing including Super, Payroll Tax and PAYG

  • Inventory Control

  • Month and Year End Accounts and Reporting

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations

  • Profit and Loss Statements

  • Invoicing

  • Manual Bookkeeping

  • Filing and Other General Office Duties

If you are located in the Sydney CBD There is at least one such company offering a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services at all levels –here! Sydney Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Win Win for the Human Race

Trade and Business for Human Beings

Seems like the human being will still continue to trade and many of us seek to do business in our field of interest in order to survive and thrive generally according to the standards and the customs of our environment. No matter where we live we are affected by the constant stream of promises of satisfaction, happiness and sometimes nirvana when we acquire the goods, attain a qualification or position – which require money.

What a Conundrum! Does Business Really Work for the Human Being?

Depends on our point of view. What is really important in our life. How much do we appreciate the incredible gift we have been given of occupying a human body on this planet.

Do we have this privilege just to win the race of acquiring as much material wealth as we possibly can before we die. Some obviously believe so and that is their priority or so it seems.

Many of us will still run a business of some kind receiving payment for our services to  .. other businesses/humanity.

Conciousness Makes a Massive Difference to Everything

Imagine if everything we did we came from a place where we were only concerned about the right human thing to do. What if that was our priority, all of us. Imagine what a different world it would be.Instead of being in fear that I might loose or that I need to have an unfair advantage – there becomes no competition other than to ensure that everyone wins.

Business Utopia

It sound idealistic, however, there is an awakening to find ourselves, to know who we are as an individual. to be clear about or passions and have the clarity to pursue those passions from a place of conciousness and if we dont aim for something like that we will never know!

Business in the Mean Time

Well we carry on and here we seek to bring business together for cooperative and mutually beneficial projects and arrangements where we take a different approach.

Doing good for people and doing good for the planet because we are already complete.


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