To provide goods to assist mankind's evolution.
As each of us has the spark of God within our souls, so we have the right to find our 
personal path to reunite with the cosmic soul.
In every tradition and religion there is part of the whole truth, as each of us already knows this truth,
it just needs to be re-awakened.

Gnostic: One who seeks spiritual knowledge
Gnostic Forest: Place where spiritual knowledge is found.

Meaning of ‘Gnostic’One who seeks "Gnosis" Gnosis is an ancient 
Greek word that means knowledge through experience.
As with most archaic languages each word has many layers of meaning, 
and according to your level of understanding you would interpret the word differently.
The Greeks and also the Egyptians felt that intellectual knowledge had no benefit 
until it was experienced and known through the heart.
They sought to expand their understanding of reality by undertaking initiations or 
experiences that would lead them to greater levels of consciousness.
In early Christian times Gnostics were known for their understanding that 
this world of physicality is not the true home of the soul.
The soul takes on a physical body in order to gain gnosis 
and ascend to higher states of consciousness.

Where are we?

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Spiritual Shops for The New Age

Visit or phone the Gnostic Forest for a vast range of incense, ethnic clothing, new age and personal development books, crystal specimen pieces, jewellery and tumbled stones, feng shui products, meditation and relaxation tapes and beautiful gifts and cards.We have tarot and psychic readings available every day.Chambers Place, Woy Woy 4342 4466

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